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Surveillance Camera 200W E27 Bulb

Surveillance Camera 200W E27 Bulb

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Keeping your home Safe and Secure just got a whole lot easier with the Wireless Intelligent Camera!

Watch the Camera video

Real-time information on your Smartphone

It is compatible with smartphones and enables a remote view from wherever you are, just needing a wifi connection it is possible to observe everything that is happening in your home, bedroom, company, and many other places.

Simple and Easy Installation Everywhere

Without the need to hire installation professionals, you can now quickly install a complete security system for your establishment or home yourself!

It is uniquely designed to maintain the connection via the lamps' electrical system, so you can activate it almost anywhere!
Immediate Safety and Security

Detect every movement that happens in your home! Move your camera in all directions, and get observation from all the angles you want!

The intelligent monitoring system can be programmed to trigger the camera's alarm, warning you on the app of any suspicious movements in your home. It has an infrared vision that supports up to 10 meters at night.

Main Monitoring Features
-Auto Tracking - Automatic Tracking
-360° Monitoring - automatic tilting or by remote control
-NightVision System - Night and Day Vision with Infra-Red!
-Motion Alarm - Triggers alarm on your phone when it detects suspicious movements!
-Audio System - Microphone with audio recorder detects all ambient sounds
-High Durability - Waterproof Camera and Resistant to rainy weather
-Remote Access - Manual movement via remote control through your Smartphone!
-Easy Installation - Simple, Quick, and Practical installation on any lamp support!
-Storage - Cloud and 128GB memory card
-Compatibility - All Smartphones Compatible with IOS and Android
-Connection - Wi-Fi connection, latest generation Sensor 1080p HD Camera

Manufacturing specifications:
Color of product: white
Product size: 15*6.5*6.5cm
Product Specifications: infrared version, dual light version
Sensor: 1080p 1/3 inch cmos rgb
Lens: 3.6mm standard lens
Resolution: 1080p (1920*1280) 720p (1280*720) optical
Horizontal tilt angle: 355° tilt: 120° tilt
Mini sensitivity: 0.02Lux
Compressed photoresistor H.264 dual-stream
Frame 1080p @ 20fps: 720p @ 20fps
Video streaming 1080p: 1.2 mbps 1.5mbps 720p: 512kbps

G.711A audio format
Rotation mirror: image/reverse
Video control support
Two-way voice support
Motion detection support
Alarm action e-mail alarm sending/real-time alarm push information
Built-in microphone: audio channel
Power E27 110-240V
Power Saving <5w

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