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Cute Bear Baby Medicine Feeder

Cute Bear Baby Medicine Feeder

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Product Name: Medicine Feeder
Product material: food-grade silicone
Product size: 13.5*4.3CM
Product temperature resistance:-20 ℃ ~ 110 ℃
Applicable crowd: infant general

1. The scale is clear at a glance, the control quantity is more accurate, and the measuring cup and the tube body have clear scales.
2. cute and interesting bear shape, baby loves to drink more, cute bear shape, Macaroon color matching, deep affinity, let baby not panic
3. The multifunctional water feeder is also a small expert in feeding, and can also be used to feed milk and juice.
4. Food contact material, choose peace of mind material that does not contain BPA, care for baby's growth
5. Resistant to high-temperature disinfection, split design, available high-temperature cooking disinfection, so that have nowhere to

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