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Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

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Unlock Stress-Free Pet Grooming with our LED Pet Nail Clippers!

Introducing the LED Pet Nail Clippers, a grooming essential that combines innovation with precision, ensuring your furry friend's nails are kept well-maintained without the fuss. Engineered for comfort, safety, and ease of use, our nail clippers redefine the art of pet care.


Illuminated Precision: Simplify nail trimming with our state-of-the-art Illuminated Nail Clipper. Enhanced with four powerful LED lights, it expertly illuminates light-colored nails, allowing you to confidently trim around the delicate bloodline area for a clean, professional finish.

Magnification & Nail Trapper: A 5x magnification lens and integrated nail trapper team up to provide unparalleled accuracy. Marvel at the intricate nail details and bid farewell to scattered clippings – the nail trapper collects clippings for seamless, mess-free disposal.

Effortless Operation: Our clipper boasts a precision cutting blade forged from hardened steel, effortlessly gliding through nails while eliminating any struggle. The ergonomic grip guarantees a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring both you and your pet remain at ease.

Advanced Design: Built with care, the LED Pet Nail Clipper is meticulously crafted from high-quality ABS plastic for the handle and durable stainless steel for the blade. This fusion of materials guarantees longevity, performance, and utmost safety.

Product Details:

- Name: LED Pet Nail Clippers
- Materials: ABS Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel Blade
- Color: Orange and Gray
- Product Dimensions: Length 15cm, Width 9cm

How to Use:

1. Left Gear: LED light and constant light mode.
2. Intermediate Gear: LED light and other lights off mode.
3. Right Gear: LED light mode activated after cutting.
4. Correct Usage Posture: Determine the position and make precise cuts swiftly. (Note: LED light effectively illuminates bleeding line for light-colored and transparent nails, not suitable for dark-colored nails.)

Package Includes:

1 x Professional Pets Nail Clipper (Includes 3 LR33/AG44 batteries)

Elevate your pet grooming routine and invest in the LED Pet Nail Clippers. Simplify nail care while ensuring your pet's comfort and safety. Order now and unlock the secret to stress-free nail maintenance!"

Do you have such distressl want to cut my pet's nails,I'm afraid of hurting my pet

Use LED lights to find the bloodline of pets to avoid hurting pets

What is blood line

Bloodline refers to the blood vessels hidden in the paws of pets such as dogs and cats. These blood vessels are generally located at the bottom of the paw. If the pet owner accidentally injures the blood line when cutting the paw, it will make the pet feel pain and cause the paw to bleed, and in serious cases, it may cause infection and other problems.

Zoom in on the paw to see the details,Not afraid to cut your pet's paw

Zoom in on your paws to see the details, not afraid to cut your pet's paws

Available times approximately——10000 times

Knife edge hardness≥40HRC

How to use

1. Left gear
LED and other constant light mode
2. Intermediate gear
LED and other off mode
4. Right gear
LED light mode after cutting
4. Use posture correctly
Determine the position and cut it quickly

Size: as shown

Real shot

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