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Electric fish pet toy

Electric fish pet toy

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Unleash Fun and Playfulness for Your Feline Friend

Introducing our Interactive Electric Fish Pet Toy – the purr-fect companion to keep your kitty entertained for hours! Say goodbye to dull moments and hello to endless fun and exercise for your beloved feline.


Long-lasting Playtime: This toy fish can provide approximately 20 minutes of non-stop entertainment on a single charge, ensuring your pet stays engaged and active.

Vibration Activation: Simply tap the fish, and the built-in electronic components will come to life, setting the stage for an exciting play session.

Interactive Fun: The toy fish automatically stops swinging after a short duration but springs back to life with a gentle touch. Watch your pet pounce, bat, and chase as it interacts with the fish, creating endless amusement.

Safety First: To prolong the toy fish's lifespan, avoid using it while charging. It's ready for action again once fully charged.

Package Includes:

- 1 x USB Charging Cable
- 1 x Lithium Battery


- Size: Approximately 30 cm

Important Notes:

- When using the toy for the first time, place the included movement component inside the fish's belly, turn on the switch, and gently shake the fish to activate it. If there's no response, try charging and powering off before attempting again.

- The red light indicates the charging status. When there's no light, the battery is fully charged, which typically takes about 40 minutes. A full charge provides approximately 20 minutes of continuous play.

Upgrade your pet´s playtime with our Interactive Electric Fish Pet Toy today! Give your furry friend the gift of endless joy and exercise.

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