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Automatic Split End Hair Trimmer

Automatic Split End Hair Trimmer

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Experience Effortless Split End Removal:

Unveil the secret to sleek and polished hair with our cutting-edge Automatic Split End Hair Trimmer. Designed to effortlessly rid your hair of split ends, this innovative haircare tool delivers fast and safe results, leaving your locks looking and feeling revitalized.

Key Features:

Precision Split End Removal: Say goodbye to split ends and welcome a smoother, more manageable mane. Our electric split trimmer is expertly designed to target and trim only the damaged ends of your hair, preserving your hair's length and health.

Powerful Performance, Rechargeable Convenience: Equipped with a high-capacity 2000mAh rechargeable battery, our hair trimmer provides powerful energy-saving performance. With a quick 2-hour charge time, you're ready for flawless hair every time.

Intuitive LCD Display and One-Touch Operation: Experience effortless control with the user-friendly LCD display and one-key power button. Achieve stunning results with ease and precision, thanks to the built-in blue light indicator.

Secure Locking Mechanism: Our trimmer features a secure lock design, allowing you to conveniently store the unit after use. The simple one-button lock ensures your trimmer is ready for action whenever you need it.

Enhanced Hair Care: The double-sided comb offers a unique 2-in-1 combing and repairing experience, preventing hair pulling and damage. Enjoy flowing, tangle-free hair that exudes radiance and vitality.

Suitable for All Hair Types: From frizzy to straight, curly to thick, our trimmer is designed to cater to all hair types. Achieve stunning results that enhance your hair's natural beauty.

How to Use:

1. Unlock the unit using the lock located under the hair plate.
2. Select the desired arrow (always pointing down) on the front switch button.
3. Ensure the clear window is correctly installed.
4. Prepare your hair by washing, blow-drying, brushing, and dividing it into fine strands.
5. Gently glide the trimmer through your hair to effortlessly trim split ends and achieve a flawless finish.
Experience the Beauty of Healthy Hair:

Elevate your haircare routine with our Automatic Split End Hair Trimmer. Revel in the beauty of smooth, radiant locks that exude confidence and allure. Follow the user manual for optimal results and enjoy the transformation of your hair's texture and appearance.

Step 1
Slide the Lock ON located under the device to the LockOFF position to turn on the board.

Step 2
Select the button on the front of the device marked with the left and right directional arrows and press the button. The motor will turn on when the button is pressed
(the screen will light up and show the battery level), and the motor will turn off when the button is pressed again. Also, when you switch the device from one hand to the other, you need to changethe left and right direction buttons, making sure the directional arrows are facing the bottom when using.  (Red light means charging is required)

Step 3
Place a small section of hair on the top center guide of the hairboard.Specifically designed to trim tresses that only enter the blade.

Step 4
Gently squeeze the hair board to depress the handle until the unit starts. Start at the top or middle section of the tress and work your way to the bottom. The process should be slow and even, repeating 3 times per session!

If you feel your hair is pulling, check that you are on the splint Is there too much hair or is there any tangles in the hair.

Step 5
Do 3 treatments to each section of hair to ensure an even trim around the hair when you're done. After you finish each section of hair, clip it on the side that is separate from the untreated hair. Select another small section of hair and repeat until the work surface iscomplete.



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