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Menstrual Relief Pad

Menstrual Relief Pad

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 Introducing Our Menstrual Relief Pad: Your Ultimate Comfort Companion


- Innovative Heat Settings:
Choose from 3 levels of soothing warmth: 45°C, 55°C, 65°C
- Rated Voltage: 5V for safe and efficient operation
- Elegant Color: A harmonious blend of Pink and Gray
- Premium Material: Crafted with care using Lycra and Graphene for exceptional comfort
- Thoughtful Length: A generous total length of 109cm ensures full coverage and comfort


Enhanced Safety and Even Heating:
Our relief pad prioritizes your safety and comfort. With consistent heat distribution, you can enjoy the soothing warmth worry-free, without concerns about overheating or burns.

Customizable Comfort: Experience personalized relief with three temperature settings – from a gentle 45°C to a cozy 65°C. Tailor your comfort to your needs effortlessly.

Instant Heat Gratification: No more waiting around. Our pad heats up in just 10 seconds, providing quick and effective relief whenever you need it.

Universal Power: Powered by USB, our pad can be easily connected to a power source, computer, or power bank – ensuring your comfort on the go.

Portable Luxury: Designed with portability in mind, our lightweight and compact pad can be taken anywhere, anytime. It's washable, making maintenance a breeze.

Innovative Design: The adhesive design ensures a secure and adjustable fit based on your waist circumference, offering comfort and stability during wear.

Multifunctional Comfort: Experience relief like never before. Our ultra-thin belt provides warmth and support to your abdomen, offering relief from body pain, menorrhagia, and discomfort.

Vibration Massage: A unique addition to our relief pad, the built-in massage function provides soothing vibrations along with heat therapy for double the relaxation.

Smart and Secure: The pad comes equipped with a 1800mAH battery and an intelligent temperature adjustment system. A security chip guarantees automatic power-off if temperatures become too high.

Timed Tranquility: Set the timer for a relaxing 30-minute session, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate.

Tailored Comfort: An adjustable elastic strap with a buckle ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

Package Includes:

- Menstrual Relief Pad x1
- USB Cable x1
- User Manual x1

Usage Notes:

- Always use the USB power jack and avoid direct adapter connection.
- Not recommended for use during bedtime.
- Prioritize skin condition and avoid prolonged use in the same area.
- Keep away from dangerous sources, corrosive liquids, and adverse environments.
- Ensure thorough drying before reusing post-washing.
- Not suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions – refer to the guidelines.

Unlock Comfort, Reimagine Relief:

1. Attach the USB power jack to a power bank.
2. Securely place the power bank into the battery pocket.
3. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate the heating and vibration modes.
4. Adjust the settings with a quick press for tailor-made comfort.
5. Long press the power button to turn off when done.

Experience the next level of menstrual relief with our cutting-edge Menstrual Relief Pad. Rediscover comfort, redefine relaxation – order yours today!


Tips: Can use 5V mobile phone charger, 5V 2A power bank, or sockets and devices with USB interface,etc.(Package does not include battery, charger and power bank, socket)


NOTE 1: there is no power bank/no battery in the package, cause power bank is forbiden to bring in the airplane and ship, so if you need a power bank , please buy it yourself. thanks.


Note2: This product is not wireless and cannot be recharged. If you need a rechargeable machine, you can click the following pictures to buy.


Type A:

1*Warm&massager Belt (with 3-Gear Heating+ 3-Gear Vibration)
1*Battery Bag (Battery is not included)
1*USB Cable 
1*1.5m Extension Cord 
2*Wormwood Bag 


Type B: 

1*Warm&massager Belt (with 3-Gear Heating+ 3-Gear Vibration);
1*Battery Bag (Battery is not included)
1*USB Cable 
1*1.5m Extension Cord 

Type C:

1*Warm Belt (with 3-Gear Heating, without Vibration)
1*Battery Bag (Battery is not included)
1*USB Cable.


3 Heat Settings: 45°C, 55°C, 65°C
Rated Voltage: 5V
Color: Pink + Gray
Material: Lycra + Graphene
Total Length: 109cm


Q: Why the Heating Pads for Cramps can't start up or stop working within a few minutes?

A: Because it must be charged by a 5V2A charger. If it is a 5V1A charger, the Heating Pads for Cramps can't be heated or will stop working within a few minutes. Thank you to make sure that the charger you used is 5V2A, Most issues of not work due to using the 5V1A charger.

Q: Why did the menstrual heating pad stop working after 30 minutes?

A: Because There is one security setting, if the menstrual heating pad working under low temp 113℉, it will automatically stop working after 30 minutes, if you don't make any operation, you start it from high temp 149℉, the temp will turn to medium temp 131 ℉ after the menstrual heating pad work 30 minutes on the high temp 149℉, then the temp will turn to low temp 113℉ after work 30 minutes on the medium temp 131℉, and after automatic stop working 30 minutes on the low temp 113℉.

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