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Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine

Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine

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Experience the simplicity and efficiency of our latest Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine. Say goodbye to food spoilage and waste with this handheld food saver designed to keep your snacks and leftovers fresh and dry.

Key Features:

Simple & Fast Operation: Our advanced technology eliminates the need for preheating, making sealing a breeze. Just press the cover, and the high-efficiency, low-loss heating film instantly reaches the sealing temperature. Slide the machine along the edge of any bag at a steady pace for an airtight seal, ensuring your food stays fresh and flavorful.

Durable & Safe: Crafted from high-quality ABS material, our Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine can withstand high and low temperatures. It's non-toxic, ensuring the safety of your food. The compact size (9.7cm*3cm) and available in pink or white, making it an attractive and functional addition to your kitchen

Battery-Powered Convenience: Insert 2 AA batteries (not included) and unlock the safety cover. With a simple 3-5 seconds press, the machine generates gradual heat for sealing. Ensure the batteries are new and properly installed to achieve optimal performance.

Perfect Sealing Every Time: Achieve optimal sealing results by moving the machine slowly over thick plastic bags, allowing the heat to spread evenly. Don't worry about removing the batteries after use; simply move the hook between the machine to block the metal contacts.

Versatile Compatibility: Our Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine works with various bags, preserving snacks, leftovers, and more. Please note that it's not suitable for pure paper bags or pure aluminum bags.

User Manual:

  1. Install brand new batteries and press the machine for 3-5 seconds to generate heat gradually.
  2. Use only new alkaline batteries, ensuring proper polarity during installation for optimal heat generation.
  3. After installing the batteries, long-press the machine for 3 to 5 seconds to start generating heat.
  4. For thicker plastic bags, move the machine slowly to evenly spread heat and achieve better sealing results.
  5. After use, there's no need to remove the batteries. Simply move the hook between the machine to block the metal contacts.

Ensure a clean, oil, and water-free plastic bag for sealing, and avoid pressing the machine too hard to prevent damage to the heating metals.

Discover the convenience and reliability of our Mini Heat Bag Sealing Machine. Preserve the freshness of your favorite snacks and ingredients effortlessly. Get yours today and say hello to longer-lasting freshness in your kitchen!

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