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Multifunction Keychain Flashlight 

Multifunction Keychain Flashlight 

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Ultimate Multifunctional Keychain Flashlight: Your All-in-One Lifesaver!

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky flashlight, window breaker, seat belt cutter, and screwdriver separately? Look no further – our Mini Strong COB Flashlight has it all!

Unmatched Versatility: 3 Lighting Modes for Every Situation

- Illuminate your surroundings with 3 versatile lighting modes.
- Need a warning light for nighttime safety? Activate the simulate warn light to reduce phototaxis in animals.
- Stay visible in emergencies with the red warning light, which can be set to steady or flashing mode.

Built for Efficiency and Safety
- Fast-charge your flashlight with Type C charging, and always know your battery status with the LED power display.
- Experience the convenience of a strong magnetic base for hands-free lighting or lock-fixed lighting when needed.
- The built-in screwdriver on the back ensures you're ready for any quick fixes or adjustments.

Compact and Lightweight: Your Perfect Outdoor Companion
- Weighing in at only 50g, this mini powerhouse won't weigh you down during outdoor adventures.
- Never worry about getting caught in the rain – it's domestically waterproof with a thickened sealing ring and circuit insulation.

Emergency Rescue Tools Included
- Equipped with a safety belt cutter for swift seat belt release in emergencies.
- A life-saving window-breaking hammer is always within reach, ensuring your safety in critical situations.

Upgrade your everyday carry with this multifunctional keychain flashlight. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply navigating everyday life, our flashlight has got you covered. Compact, powerful, and ready for action – order yours now!

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