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Phomemo T02 Portable Mini Wireless Pocket Printer

Phomemo T02 Portable Mini Wireless Pocket Printer

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Powerful Functions for Unique Black and White Printouts-Phomemo T02 Portable Printer

 Only print in black and white.

Discover the Power of Portable Printing with White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer! 🌟📷

Introducing the White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer, your gateway to unlimited creativity and convenience. This remarkable device allows you to customize and print a wide range of content, from personalized pictures and texts to tables, emojis, and more. Get ready to bring your ideas to life in the palm of your hand!

Instant Photo Printing: With White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer, you can transform your phone into an instant photo printer. Capture and print your favorite memories on the spot, creating tangible keepsakes to cherish forever.

Templates for Journaling: Unleash your creativity with our ever-expanding library of free templates. From beautifully designed journal layouts to customizable pages, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and create unique journals that reflect your personal style.

Print Web Pages: Seamlessly print online pages and customize web content by importing URLs directly. Preserve your social life, memorable articles, and important information with a simple tap of a button. Stay organized and create a physical record of your digital world.

 Handy Toolbox:
The White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer toolbox offers a range of useful features, including banner printing and a convenient ruler function. Effortlessly create eye-catching banners and ensure precise measurements, making your printing experience even more efficient.

OCR Text Scanning: Say goodbye to tedious manual typing! Utilize our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to scan texts and transform them into editable digital versions. Easily edit and customize the content before printing, saving you time and effort.

Stunning Graphics: Prepare to be amazed by the captivating graphics available with White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer. Whether you're looking for unique designs or numerical representations, our printer delivers outstanding results that will leave you impressed.

Take your creativity on the go with White Printouts-Phememo T02 Portable Printer. Embrace the freedom to customize, print, and share your ideas anywhere, anytime. It's time to unlock a world of possibilities and make every moment unforgettable! 

Usage Notice

  1. Please connect Bluetooth from “Phomemo” APP.

  2. No paper alert: take the paper roll out, then long press the power button for 10 seconds until you see green light flashes 2 times. After that, put that paper into the machine again to print normally.

  3. The printed content is easy to shift without the paper holder.

  • Printing Method: Direct Thermal Printing (no ink, no toner)

  • Size: 3.4”x3.5”x1.6”/87x90x40mm

  • Weight: 5.3oz/150g

  • Color: Pink/Green/White

  • Power: 1000

  • Charge Way: USB

  • Compatible System: iOS & Android

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